The Summit of Your Life has brought together some of the most powerful experts in the areas of personal development, wellness, spirituality, health, and more. The goal is to find direction, let go of any pain from last year (gee, ya think this resonates?), dig into your purpose, relationships, time management, and feel empowered to better your life and the world with your actions. Check out the amazing lineup of pros and lmk if you’ll meet me there!

Teachers: Russell Brand, Danielle Laporte, Dr. Mark Hyman, Brendon Burchard, Dr. Pedram Shoji, Wim Hof, Marianne Williamson, Sharon Salzberg, Justin Michael Williams, Evelyn Carter, Finian Makepeace, and Charles Eisenstein

Meditations by: Michael Beckwith, Prithaji, Light Watkins, Tracee Stanley, and Scott Schwenk

Yoga by: Adriene Mishler, Colleen Saidman Yee, Briohny Smyth, Noah Maze, Dr. Chelsea Jackson Roberts, Schuyler Grant, Mary Beth LaRue, Chelsey Korus, Caley Alyssa, Eoin Finn, and Matt Phippen

Bona fides: Well+Good, LA Times, PopSugar, The Irish TImes


Author: Micki