Ramy Gafni, Brow Guru

May 27, 2021
Ramy Gafni

One of my oldest and dearest former clients is none other than NYC brow guru Ramy Gafni. His unforgettable maxims “wax is for cars, not for brows” and “when in doubt, don’t pluck it out” have stuck with me over the years and through pregnancies and the hormonal highs and lows from my 20s-40s, my brows have remained intact. Brow-lelujah! Ramy is known for shaping the frames of the “windows to your soul” for countless celebs, his side dish of stand-up shtick, and for his makeup artistry which delivers a natural, wearable look.


“When in doubt, don’t pluck it out”


Since Covid put damper on salon/spa services, Ramy’s ingenuity went to work. He now offers virtual eyebrow coaching and makeup coaching, a service well worth its weight in gold for anyone appearing on camera on the regular. I can’t fathom who this doesn’t apply to these days! And with Ramy’s warm, endearing approach, I am certain you will feel at ease and fully capable of achieving award-winning brows.

Ramy is the Brow Whisperer!

– Kelly Ripa

Once you’re ready to embrace your inner brow wizard, book a visit ($50/session)! Come prepared with a pair of tweezers, brow scissors, brush and good lighting. Cleanse your face and show up sans makeup. Leave the rest to Ramy – you are in good hands!


Bona fides: Kelly Ripa: Ramy is the Brow Whisperer!, The New York Times, The Today Show

Micole Cohen Richter
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